Metal composite choke coil Step Down Loss Simulation

Data Input Choose series, model & using condition

Series Model f[kHz] Vin[V] Vout[V] Iout[A]

Result of simulation(automaticaly)

Ton[s] Core loss[W]
- -
Δlpp[A] Idc[A] RDC[mohm] DCcopperLoss[W] ACcopperLoss[W] Copper loss[W]
- - - - - -
Total Loss[W] ΔT[℃]
- -


  1. This tool doesn't assure the performance of each products.
  2. The results of this tool are just a simulation by approximation. The result may be different from actural test results. Therefore it might be expand the difference in actual test data according to actual condition. Please evaluate it with actual circuit surely.
  3. This content may be corrected and added without a previous notice.